Dorset Cricket Board

The Dorset Cricket Board, formed in the late 1990s, is the umbrella under which all Dorset Cricket operates, although the County Club is a private members club.

Board consists of 9 members made up of 3, including the Chairman, elected by the County Club, 3, including their Vice-Chairman, elected by the Dorset Cricket Association and 3 from Youth Cricket, 1 of whom must be a member of Dorset Schools C.A, the Chairman of the Coaches Association and 1 other who will be a representative of the Districts.

It meets quarterly to receive written reports from the various aspects within Dorset Cricket and members concerned with these aspects are usually invited to attend the meeting while the Operational Management Group made up of the Development Staff and the Board Officers meet as required between quarterly meetings to deal with urgent matters.

Visit the Dorset Cricket Board website  http://www.dorsetcricketboard.co.uk